“The oldest part of Variety Shade was built in 1798 by Colonel William Moseley and added to about 1822. It was the plantation home of Marcia Louise Moseley and her husband, Colonel Thomas Moseley Bondurant, for many years.

Colonel Thomas Moseley Bondurant was a large land owner and a prominent legislator from Buckingham County. He was also an exporter of tobacco who traveled to foreign countries and brought back trees from various places and planted them on the lawn. The trees were varied and cast shadows in such variety that the name “Variety Shade” was given the place.

For many years Variety Shade remained in the Bondurant family but the owners lived in other places and the place deteriorated. It was sold to the Continental Can Company. Now nothing remains of this lovely plantation except in the memory of those who loved and admired it.”

from the book The Courthouse Burned
by Margaret A. Pennington & Lorna Scott

Other VSLVA Historical Materials

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From Emily Morrison Bondurant – Reminiscences of My Life (1916) Link