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Family Tree

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This is a draft of the family tree prepared by Randy Merrill. Please bring corrections and additions to the meeting.

I always have trouble following our family lineage (and explaining it to younger members of our family) and finding specific individuals through multiple pages so I put together the attached based on the most recent information which I have in my files. Since the most recent info I have is largely 20 years old with some minor family updating, there is information missing – some recent generations, as well as middle names etc. This is meant to be a compact sheet (currently two pages) which hopefully is easy to follow (at least for me!).

Spouses are not shown except to the extent our direct family member is a female and her husband’s name then becomes the family name (the married name for female members is shown in brackets) or in some cases where a male name is joined with a female’s name and becomes a hyphenated name for the next generation.  To preserve space, Surnames are generally not repeated in family groupings.

The numbers after the names of the initial two generations refer back to the numbering system in the genealogy section of The Captives of Abb’s Valley. Our later generations can easily be grafted onto those numbers following the numbers I have placed by each name in order of birth. For example, my granddaughter, Tinsley Grace, becomes M65376311 as my mother is Sarah Harrison Merrill (# M65376), and I am her third child (# M653763). Michelle (Tinsley’s mom) is my first (and only) child (thus M6537631) and Tinsley is Michelle’s first (and only) child (thus M65376311). My mother’s number of M65376 +3 for me +1 for Michelle +1 for Tinsley.